Braxee loves water. At only 13.5 weeks old she was an expert champ swimmer in our saltwater pool!

Braxee at 14 weeks old already knows “go to your place.”

silly girl Braxee wondered who that pretty dog on the computer screen was. hahah

Puppy Braxee with the zoomies and a dip in the pool after.

Lena is so smart! She knows “get your tail up” command when she is being mopy.

Table for 3? Lena has such perfect table manners eating her eggs.

Lena has a huge prey drive, but look how sweet she is knowing these are mommies baby chicks!

Lena is never interested in playing or hurting the chickens, but today she wanted to play with them!

When Lena turned 9, I made a collage of her life thus far.