Thank you for your interest in Braxena Eurasiers! Please feel free to call or email me and introduce yourself prior to filling out the application. This questionnaire is not a test, but rather a document to help me know that you have done your research on the Eurasier breed, and that you are prepared to provide a puppy with a happy, healthy, wonderful lifestyle, and forever home.

Please be as detailed as possible. Thank you again. :-)

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We are always looking for people who will keep an intact Eurasier to help preserve this rare breed and for their best health. If you are interested in having a litter, or owning a male Eurasier stud, we would be interested in talking with you more about this. Please note: prior to any breeding, full sets of health checks must be done with good, normal, and clear results.
Would you be interested in owning a Eurasier stud? *
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Do you know the costs of local boarding kennels? (NOTE: We do care for local Eurasiers when owners are away at $30 a day.) *
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Are you interested in a lifelong relationship with your breeder? *
It is recommended that exams for hips, elbows, patella luxation, thyroid, and eyes be given when the Eurasier reaches 2 years of age. Costs vary between $500-$1200 depending on location. Do you plan to proceed with this testing whether you breed or not? *
Would you commit to sending photos and quick updates at least monthly until the pup is one year old, and then every 6-12 months after that for life? *
Will you (or your significant other) be posting photos of your puppy on social media as they grow? *
One condition of sale is the mandatory enrollment in, weekly participation in, and graduation from a reputable PUPPY socialization class. It is extremely important for your puppy to interact with other PUPPIES and not just adult dogs. Classes are usually once a week from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. Please note: good classes are hard to find, so you would need to start researching now. Is finding and attending a good class weekly something you would commit to? *
If for any reason your family can no longer keep your Eurasier, one condition of sale is that you must first contact the breeder to discuss options about finding a new home for your Eurasier. We must be given the option of taking the Eurasier back. We are happy to work with you if you have a home. We do not want the Eurasier to be placed in a shelter - EVER!! Do you agree to this condition of sale? *
Given the following situations, what will happen with your Eurasier?