Natural Rearing

WHat is Natural Rearing Breeding?

Natural Rearing is not a new fad: it is as old as nature itself. The very foundation of Natural Rearing is building a strong immune system so that your dog is better able to handle all dis-ease from within. My mission is to have pups live long, happy, pain free lives, full of vitality, and vigor.


The hardest part is first "unlearning" what we have taken for granted for most of our lives. Billions of dollars have been spent over the last fifty years to convince you, your breeder, your vet, your government (at all levels), and most of your pet owning friends, that you must vaccinate your animal every year (or every three years,) feed only scientifically 100% balanced kibble nutritional pet food, spay and neuter, and use flea/tick/worm products to keep them protected. In other words, if you do not follow the orthodox "wisdom" of caring for your animal, you are considered to be irresponsible. Speaking from experience, it takes real work to overcome the fear and actually apply an open mind to raw feeding, forgoing vaccines, abstaining from using flea/tick/worm medications, and keeping your dogs intact. As we pick up more knowledge, we find ourselves moving outside our comfort zone and may wish that we were back in our "blissfully ignorant" stage.

Commitment to this way of life will change you, your family, and your dog’s health for the better. It’s about eliminating inappropriate and toxic substances from every area of life. Avoiding the chemical assaults inside and outside your home. Once you start thinking this way, you will look around your home and see that most everything you put on and around your body is toxic and harmful to all life.

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Natural Rearing involves a zero vaccine protocol (except as compulsory by law.) It relies on the dogs own natural immune responses and healing ability to see it through a disease cycle. If needed the use of holistic medical help, be that herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, or any other holistic modality, is used. Science is proving that dogs given no vaccines are far stronger and resistant to disease than those that have had annual vaccinations. In case this scares you, let me help. I got my pup Braxee from the UK with no vaccines. I slowly naturally exposed her and she is now immune (proof with blood titers) without ever having the parvo/distemper vaccine.

I want to mention a few other things about vaccines. There is so much information and controversy on vaccines that entire books on just this subject have been written. One thing I wanted to mention is that vaccinated dogs who do contract parvo or distemper (which happens quite often) are much more likely to die than if they had never been vaccinated.

I would also like to explain about the first and second lines of defense within the body. (The following information taken from the book: Natural Rearing - Breeding and Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended by Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason VND): “The key is how your dog is exposed to a virus or pathogen. When the body is exposed to a virus normally, via its first line of defense - the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, and lungs which are the Th1 level of the immune system - then the immune system is quickly able to recognize the virus as an enemy and mount a strong defense against it before it ever reaches the blood stream. This is the natural immunity!”

BARF puppies

“However when a virus (along with a myriad of assorted toxic chemicals, metals, etc) is introduced to the body via an injection into the blood stream, the injection completely bypasses the immune system’s first line of defense. An injection becomes a surprise attack on the second line of defense, the Th2 of the immune system. The surprise attack is very distressing to the body. The entire philosophy of vaccinations overlooks the crucial importance of actually acquiring the various viruses/dis-eases as part of the normal development and training of the immune system. It is very beneficial for our dogs to be exposed to germs NATURALLY while still young. This is all a part of nature’s process of building and developing a healthy immune system.”

Bypassing the bodies natural line of defense and the constant onslaught of toxic chemicals weakens the immune system allowing dis-ease to proliferate. A few examples of a weakened immune system include: suffering from food and environmental allergies, rashes, itchy skin, asthma, IBD and other digestive issues, hip dysplasia, ACL injuries, shortened life spans, thyroid disease (which is a big concern for our breed) and increasingly life threatening auto immune disorders, including cancer.

There is also research indicating that the toxic chemicals, metals, and other substances found in vaccines are very potent biological agents, and capable of doing great harm, even many years after the vaccine was given. Permanent physical, mental, and emotional effects can occur such as: hypersensitivity of all senses, separation anxiety, lack of affection, confusion, excessive barking, rage, agitation, violence, ferocity, sudden and unprovoked attacks, destructive behavior, irrational fears, timidity, suspicions, extreme fear of water, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, involuntary urination, and much more.

Sources of information on this page Are from the following:

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Roberta Jamieson - Holistic Health

The Natural Rearing way of Life:

  • Species appropriate raw nutrition (dogs are carnivores and as such, I feed a variety of organic and grassfed meats, organs, bones, etc)

  • Toxic and chemical-free environment (no flea/tick/heartworm medications, no de-worming, no vaccines (except where compulsory by law), no artificial fragrances, safe food and water bowls, shampoo, bedding, toys, etc, no harsh cleaning agents, I use vinegar/water (50/50 mix) or rubbing alcohol/water (50/50 mix) to clean everything including floors, mirrors, windows, counters, etc. You can use baking soda with vinegar to clean toilets. Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented is used for dishes, hands, and body. You really only need a few things to clean everything! It’s so simple and way cheaper than having so many toxic products!

  • Plenty of time outside on clean grass (not treated with herbicide, pesticide, weed killer, or bug sprays)

  • Plenty of cardiovascular exercise (in nature’s fresh air and sunshine)

  • Clean, Pure Filtered drinking water (my dogs drink the same filtered water I do)

  • Keeping your dog intact (no spay/neuter, it has many negative health effects. See the links at the bottom, particularly Will Falconer, for reference.)

This may all seem very overwhelming, but we live in an extremely toxic world, and as such, we are plagued by so much dis-ease in ourselves and in our pets. I have learned much over the past decade. With my experience and passion for this subject, I would love to help you with the learning curve. Below are products I highly recommend. I have and use each one of them and they are all wonderful. Please Note: some of these products are available on amazon for less cost, but make sure it’s from an authorized seller and not a knock off.

My Recommendations for non-toxic items for your pet:

Food & Water bowls: (large and extra large)

Toys: (Zogoflex Toys)

Bedding (Extra Large Size):


For Nail Trimming (Dremel): (medium size)

FOR BRushes/COmbs: (#000  7.5" FINE/COARSE COMB) (7.5” option, this handle really helps your hand not hurt) (#A416 T-BRUSH 16 MM ORIGINAL) (#A5III MARK III MEDIUM SLICKER 5" head • 7" body length) (I use the slicker brush the least.)

furbrush sept2018.jpg

Sources of raw food: (everything here is pastured) (for me, I only buy from the pasture raised and wild game sections) (everything here is pastured) (for me, I only buy from the organic/grassfed sections) (most is not pastured, but they do have whole prey if you want to try that)

I also make my own raw food with human grade organic, grassfed meats, organs, bones, etc from small family farms: local and around the county.

homemade raw dog food

In conclusion

Some feel there is no need to follow all of the Natural Rearing principles; that it is just as beneficial to simply feed their dog a raw food diet, or only minimally vaccinate. There is some truth to this reasoning in the sense that if one weren’t even doing those things, then their dog would be much worse off. However, removing any one principle significantly reduces the overall health and long-term beneficial effects. For example, if you feed your dog kibble “dog food,” but do not vaccinate, he may get sick since his immune system is greatly weakened by the lack of appropriate nutrition. Or the opposite, (which is more common) you feed raw, but do vaccinate. The immune system is greatly weakened due to vaccines.

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Each and every facet must be present for Natural Rearing to brilliantly shine like the beautiful gem that it is.

The Natural Rearing methods I follow are: a species appropriate raw diet, vaccine-free, no toxic items or chemicals on, in, or around my dogs and their environment, filtered water, & play time in clean air/grass. For their mental health and stimulation, I follow an amazing program called Puppy Culture. Our Eurasier pups are lovingly raised in our home under 24/7 care.

Natural Rearing is about getting back to basics of nature and having healthy, happy dogs for life!

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

Raw feeding puppy