Braxena “A” Litter - 5 girls & 2 boys - (Born Jan 22, 2019):

Sire: Bel-Ami von der Traunseebahn (born in Austria)
Dam: Albionspitz Braxee Cari (born in the UK)

First Week: Newborn to 7 days old

(First home vet visit check up for pups/mom, daily weighting/box cleaning, and first nail trimming! Look at them grow!)


SECOND WEEK: 8 to 14 days old

(Still growing, and so fast! Pups are all born blinde and deaf. At the end of this week, their eyes and ears begin to open! By day 10, they have doubled their birth weight! Early Neurological Stimulation is completed.)

Third week: 15 to 21 days old

(Pups continue to grow very quickly. They begin to wobble walk, and play with each other.)

Forth Week: 22 to 28 days old

(Still growing fast, and getting weighted daily. Pups are ready for more space. The whelping box is extended to accommodate a larger play area with new and stimulating toys. Daily play sessions on the wood floor in the hallway (it is more room, and gets them used to shiny surfaces.) First time on grass outside, and first meal of raw organic meat and goat milk. They are still nursing as well.)

Fifth week: 29 to 35 days old

(Now it is time to increase the size of their play area once again. Now they are moved into the huge kitchen area when they have access to outside and inside all day long. They love exploring the new outside world and playing with each other and mom.)

Sixth week: 36 to 42 days old

(Pups are loving running, exploring, and playing in their huge outside world which they have full access to during the day if they wish, or they can be inside playing in their huge play safe play area. We rotate different toys daily. We are still continuing the Puppy Culture Program which we have been doing since the pups were 3 days old. We had custom wobble board and stairs built for them to play on to get used to stairs. I had my friend come over with her kids to get the pups used ot being around children. I finally got out my nice big camera (up till now I was only using cell phone which is hard for me to get nice photos with.)

Seventh week: 43 to 49 days old

(Still busy busy with these amazing pups! We had another friend with a son come over to play with the puppies. More toys, more training, more stimulation.)

Eighth week: 50 to 57 days old

(Pups are amazing! They are learning and growing so quickly! I absolutely love raising and photographing these beautiful beings. The second vet home visit was done and all pups were given a clean bill of health!)

ninth week: 58 to 64 days old

(The last week with these special pups. It is a bitter sweet time. I am very happy they have such amazing homes to go to, but sad to see them go.)

The End, Until Next Time. :-)

Please feel free to watch videos of the litter at: